Sunday, 22 May 2011

why is this blog created.

First of all, I created this blog because I would like to learn more about English. Since we all know that English is the most important language these days.

It is a good chance for me that my MUET teacher, Mrs. Zurainee wants me to have a blog. It's not just me, but the whole class. The class of lower 6. I know that it is something essential for us to have a good skill and command when it comes to English, as nowadays it is getting "harder to live", especially when we don't have any or less knowledge in the uses of English language.

English is the language of Earth, where everybody uses it to speak. Especially with the foreigners. So, as Malaysian, a proud Malaysian, it is also a good thing for me and my friends to learn a bit, and a bit, and a bit in English, so that we can introduce our country to the other people much easier.

As for conclusion, English is a language that we must learn. At least we have to know the basic of it. We will still use Bahasa Malaysia as our first language. But on the same time, it is not wrong for us to empower the second language, or the world's language, and it is called, the English language.

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